And the rest is DRAG

I have to applaud drag queens because you’re so goddamned confident to put yourself out there enough to not care what people think. I don’t even have the confidence to go outside in an old tee-shirt. I applaud the queens for their talent and their skills and just their all-around likeability. If I’m talking to an actual queen, I love what you do and I want to let you know that you’re great.
Within the past two weeks, I’ve rewatched (for the second time) seasons four, five, and six of RuPaul’s Drag Race. When I watched these seasons last year, I was fascinated by the effort that went into putting in these performances and their makeup and sewing their outfits. I can’t even understand how to sew. But watching this show again, in tandem with watching the current season (season eight; I miss Thorgy Thor), I’ve realized the family aspect of this show.
Now, I totally don’t expect anyone to gather around the TV with their traditional American families and watch RuPaul’s Drag Race every Monday night. But I have seen a family aspect to this show. Drag families are the shit. You can be pissed beyond all belief at these girls (and I’m phrasing it like they do on the show; you can call them boys or girls depending on what personal nouns they pick), but then they’ll still call each other sisters. I’m talking about fucking Phi Phi O’Hara and my personal favorite, Sharon Needles. They had horrifying fights in the workroom and still said that they were going to be family. I doubt that Sharon and Phi Phi hang out like besties though. Bianca Del Rio, winner of season six, put herself out there as an insult comic but she still took care of her fellow queens throughout the show. She helped Adore Delano with her outfits (and she didn’t even thank her when she got praise) and she made it to the final three; we could be looking at BenDeLaCreme (fucking loved her) in the finale. And this just shows that family can be anyone, like Ru told Roxxxy before someone was sent home in season five.

RuPaul and these queens have helped. I’ve been watching this great show for a year and it makes me laugh and I get into it. I talk to my TV when I watch this show. I pick my favorites. I wrote a letter to Sharon last year, but it was returned to me without even making it to her; I think I’m gonna try again. You could also chill out and listen to RuPaul’s albums, most of the music used in the show is by her. That shit is great, but be careful with Peanut Butter because it’s an earworm.

Drag Queens are fucking fierce and even if they read you they’ll still call you sisters.

Sharon Needles


Summer days for days

The calendar says April, but the weather and my outfits and the Harley Quinn sunglasses on my face say summer. Technically, we’re finally in SPRING, but it feels like summer. I usually hate summer, but the sun lightens my hair and my three dollar sunglasses make me feel great about myself even if I’m almost like, certifiably blind; oh well, I can see cars and shit like that so I think I’ve got that down.

But the cool thing about summer months and college is that there is so much to do outside without paying for anything, unless you really want to drop some cash. This past weekend, my lovely best friend came over to my room (because I’ve been all by myself for a week) and we went to a spring football game. Now, I’ve been to… *counting on fingers here* three actual football games in my entire college career and it’s free for me. If you know me, I’m not really sporty whatsoever, so that’s probably why. You know what a spring football game is? It’s practice for the team and I just really enjoyed watching teammates pile on top of each other to better themselves. “Did you really have to go that hard?” “It’s just practice, bruh.” Like, okay. I’m taking the ball and running this way to get away from you; I’ve seen how you play against actual teams and I don’t wanna die.

Mount Pleasant is full of small businesses along with all the huge chain stores; I mean we have a Target, Walmart, Meijer, and even a Kmart. So, we went to a home-grown malt shop, the Malt Shop. As original as The Bar in Gone Girl. Birthday cake milkshakes are great.

But even with summer coming, you can still chill inside with the windows open and fans blowing. We watched an entire season on Archer, even with walking this town and watching a two-hour football game. There was Crimson Peak and Subway. Mmmm, Subway is so great.

What’s the point? There’s really no point except for taking a break and soaking in the sun as cliched as that sounds. I’ve got all this work to do and he’s got all this work to do and we decided to take a break and escape our lives for just a day. That night, after he left, I worked on homework until nearly two in the morning. Oh well.



Home is where the responsibility isn’t

College students go to college to get away from home. I love being here and not at home; it’s started some minor arguments with my mother throughout my college career. She’s gotten over it and I’m over it, so we’re all good.

I go home when I feel like I need to. It’s a recharge from the stress that I put up with here. I don’t have to pay for laundry. Home-cooked food that I don’t have to use a meal pass for. A room to myself. And since I don’t work when I come home for weekends, my brother’s in school and my parents are at work, so I’ve got a 4K TV to sit and watch for hours on end. I watched the majority of Grace and Frankie on Saturday. And Ant-Man. It’s not like I don’t binge on Netflix when I’m just hanging out in my dorm, but when I do it at home, it just feels right.

I mean, yeah, I can’t sleep in my bed without doing yoga in the morning and I have to share a bathroom with three other people, just like I did in my freshman year, and when I get hungry I can’t go downstairs and get a bag of chips to snack on, but I have to forage for something to much from the cupboard in my house; it’s dismal sometimes when your family is out and about most of the week and no one eats in the house.

But when you go home, your parents are there to chat with you about everything and anything that you want to talk about. When I got home for my Easter weekend, my dad and I had the coolest heart-to-heart shooting at paper zombies with airsoft guns and smoking a ham. Mom’s always around, but my dad works weekends and that’s most of the time that I’m home, so when he’s around it’s great.

So, boo. I’m a twenty year old guy who enjoys going home when I want to. Home can be great when you’re not always at home. Go home every once in a while and just chill and relax. It’s a great feeling knowing that I don’t have to set an alarm and I don’t have a bedtime anymore. Also, I miss having dogs and cats around, so that’s a plus.

What I learned from bingeing movies all weekend:

Author’s note: I use language that isn’t becoming of a normal person, but I am also an adult, so kindly shush.

I’m literal garbage.

No, that was a joke. Seriously. What did I learn? That I had an immense amount of time with Gentle weekend (Gentle weekend is the cancelling of Thursday and Friday classes before final exams at my university, but they moved it up like, a month)? That I have too many movies to watch? That I’m childish at heart? All correct.

I watched the entire Harry Potter series, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings; there was also The House Bunny (for comic relief). Could I have been doing homework or maybe exploring the wonderful sunlight? Yes, but I decided to build a blanket fort in my dorm room and sit in the dark. I’m twenty years old.

I learned that even if there’s a giant burden sitting on me, be it homework or my own dismal personal life, that watching Harry fight his way from his first year to his seventh, things for me are going to be good. It’s not like I’m going to fight Voldemort or participate in the Triwizard Tournament; I don’t think I’d survive the dragons. But even with all the dark shit Harry faces at every turn, there’s something happy on the other side of it, like his friends, his adoptive family (totally the Weasleys because no one likes the Dursleys), and even his love connection with Ginny. It’s like Dumbledore’s line from The Prisoner of Azkaban: “But you know happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.”

I learned from all the films that I’m totally not any of the main characters, unless you tell me I’m not Bilbo; I’m so totally a Bilbo. No, I am Ron Weasley. I am Samwise Gamgee. Fuck being Frodo. Frodo, under the influence of the One Ring, was a dick to Sam. Don’t be a dick, Frodo. Fuck being Harry. Ron stood by him, but Ron loved his food, man. Ron wasn’t the Chosen One, but he volunteered; I’d volunteer to help bring down the darkest wizard of our time. I’m sure as hell a Bilbo; get the hell out of my house you dumb dwarfs, but Thorin’s cool, so he can stay. I’m also choosing to overlook his attitude with the One Ring. He was still cool and defied everyone’s expectations of him. If I watched Star Wars, I’d totally make an entire post about how I’m Chewbacca and go into detail as to why I got him tattooed on my arm. I’m not the main character, I’m perfectly fine chilling out as the supporter.

Alright. Thanks for stopping by today or whatever day you decided to come. Enjoy the rest of your day and maybe you should watch some of these.

The first day of the rest of my blogging life (and maybe my whole life):

Welcome! If you’re here, you’re probably: friends, family, perfect strangers, or imperfect strangers (but I’m not judging you on that aspect).

It has been recommended of me, based on my interests, to start a blog that I update somewhat regularly where I talk about whatever I want and whenever I feel the need to. But, I guess that’s what a blog is. It’s like an online journal, right? And with the app, I can probably do this all the time. And with my level of lazy, that could happen.

We could say that I’m an eccentric. That I have a hard time making new connections that actually last. I’m always nervous about first impressions and making sure that I’m doing everything right to keep things moving smoothly. Eccentricity doesn’t help in making and keeping friends. But, with some of these, I know it’s a two-way street and I apologize that things change. But some things changed lately and I don’t understand what’s going on and why.

Wow. That’s enough about that. Depressing.

Why did I feel the need to write about this today? Because I’m alone, not lonely, but alone. And this could be the prelude to the rest of my 2016. And that sucks. Because I haven’t done anything except for being the best person I know I could be.

Thanks for coming for my first post. I do promise that I won’t be as much of a bummer as I’m being now.