welcome back

It has been a while since I’ve updated my site here on WordPress; I can’t even remember the last post I made. Was it from Kalamazoo Pride? If I took the time to check, I could probably answer my own question. But it’s a Tuesday night and I’m in the middle of a new to me show on Netflix, Hemlock Grove. It is September and I have said it since January, but this year has been pretty great.

As a recap, here we go. I became a PR chairperson of a wonderful group on my campus in January. In February, I went to Chicago with that group for MBLGTACC and I realized some things about me, oh well. I participated in my first Relay for Life, even just helping to run a table, in April. In May, I finished my second to last semester at CMU and attended Leadershape 2017 in Albion, where I learned so much more about myself and how to actually start leading without fear. I attended Kalamazoo Pride 2017 with some friends from Spectrum where we were in the presence of Drag Race royalty, Jinkx Monsoon, and one of the men behind the lace romper for guys, Cazwell. In July, I took my brother to War on the Catwalk where we sat in the Devos Place with a room of fans and watched some amazing contestants of Rupaul’s Drag Race season nine. In August, I started my last semester of my undergraduate career at Central Michigan University.

I’d say my schedule here is hectic, but I’d be lying. I’m enjoying my Forensic Anthropology class along with American Sign Language. Most people could question my fascination with forensics and consider me crazy, but I assure you, reader, I doubt anything will come from it. And learning ASL will make family Thanksgivings so much more enjoyable when I can sit at my table with my father and sign without many people knowing.

I bought a notebook for me to write fiction in, but I haven’t done much with it yet. I also tried that with my new iPad, but the most creative thing I’ve done with that so far is draw the face of Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise. I haven’t been writing very much, but it’s been forever since I read a book for pleasure, so what do I start reading? It. I saw the new film and thought it was fantastic. I saw the original two days before so I could remind myself of certain plot points and just felt an overall obsession start. Oh well. This book is terrifying.

I’ll keep it up. Thanks for the read.