I stayed the weekend in a creepy hotel

In like, May, I found out that Jinkx Monsoon was going to be a headlining guest at OutFront’s Kalamazoo Pride 2017 here in Michigan. I immediately flipped out and told my friends that we had to go. Like, Pearl was there last year and so was Thorgy Thor; we had to go.

So, this past weekend, Jason, Aimee, and I spent the weekend and so much money in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Jason was super late on Friday, so we went to the Crossroads Mall for a little bit of shopping and some dinner at the food court before we made our way to the festival place and seeing Miss Kalamazoo Pride receive her crown. Soon after, Darren made their way down the runway and danced like crazy. Carol yelled at us to drink Sparkleberry, which turns out to be good, and then she introduced us all to Sutton Lee Seymour. She was an amazing performer who gave us renditions of songs from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Chicago, and some of Disney’s most popular songs. She was so great and let us get photos with here; I was so happy. After Sutton’s performance, I was treated to like, my first concert from a local 80’s cover band, Hair Mania.

The next day was an amazing whirlwind of free swag and buying stuff alike. I had my first bottle of Smirnoff that wasn’t vodka in public; I can’t find their blueberry lemonade literally anywhere. I got my mom this bombass shot glass quoting Glinda from The Wizard of Oz. We listened to Gretchen Whitmer speak about her dreams for state and I would love to see them come true. It was a little fantastic hearing someone in person talk about how they want to help things for a better view of the world. Kellogg’s had a booth and was crazy generous handing out whole packages of food to the people in attendance. I got my photo taken with both Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam. I was covered in buttons and political stickers stating my support for Whitmer, Jon Hoadley, Planned Parenthood and gay literature. Darren and Carol came back to dance with the other wonderful woman whose name I can’t remember to the musical stylings of DJ Dazzleship. Then Cazwell came out and I really got into it; like, I don’t go for his musical style ever, but he was great. He helped design the lace romper for men! And afterwards, Jinkx Monsoon came out and I screamed so goddamn much. She was amazing and I loved her and we were so close to the stage and I couldn’t handle it; I was making so much eye contact with Jinkx freaking Monsoon and I was having the best time. Everyone really wanted to see her in person, but she had a five am flight.

I was so happy to be surrounded  by people of the same mindset. Everyone was there to be around people like them. I mean, I’m not gay per se, but as an asexual, I felt welcome there. I had a wonderful time; if you wanna see photos, let me know.


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I'm a student. I'm a cashier. I'm a writer. I'm a rambler.

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