i left my heart in chicago

Did I really leave my heart in Chicago? There’s still something pumping the minimal amount of blood through my body even if the thing’s been useless for a while. This weekend, it woke up though from its deep slumber while I experienced life worth living at this most beautiful conference, MBLGTACC, and I opened my eyes to new and hopeful possibilities. I also don’t know how to use my own emotions, so I’m kind of fucked. Like, they’re in here somewhere if I poke around a little bit and pull them out of the cave they’re hiding in. I was inspired by the scenery and the things I saw to write a quick snippet of something I thought was one of the more pleasing things I’ve written.I thought maybe Ezra and Owen could be the he and the speaker, but I haven’t decided yet.

He sat there with sun streaming in through the dirtied glass window. The fingerprints bothered him as he watched the world below him and the water of the immensely large lake rippled in the wind, a gentle breeze. People scattered as they made their way to their respective destinations, shuffling over the city sidewalk in hordes, but his face did not change. He stayed emotionless as I watched him from the side, studying his profile. He did not look at me, but he did acknowledge my presence. I was proud to be next to him, gently taking his hand in mine as he gripped it tighter. I watched the world below just like he did and I felt safe, loved, and at peace with everything that we were. And we stood there as people passed, stopped, stared. We just basked in the sun, lucky to be here another day.

good night.


I know I’ve used this gif before, but it seems like fun and it’s a little relevant. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE I HAVE A HEART.


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I'm a student. I'm a cashier. I'm a writer. I'm a rambler.

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