breakdown, part two

i wrote this one tonight. the other one was basically all done, i just had to finish it up. i also felt two gifs were useful because what ezra does is kind of like him walking away from an huge explosion.

Owen knew. He knew and he avoided me because he probably knew that the things I could do could hurt him. I only decided to tell him what I could do because I fucking trust him. I decided to tell him about what I could do because I wouldn’t hurt him. I trusted him and thought that he could be open to learning the ultimate secret about me. But no, let’s all just fucking run away from Ezra because he’s a freak, because he’s different. He probably thinks that I’m inhuman and I’m afraid that the Witch Trials would begin again over trusting.

From what I know, Owen didn’t tell Mason or Gavin anything because they still acted the same around me, borderline dickish and uneventful, but I didn’t care enough about them to discuss my personal life. If they were lucky to stay on my good side, they wouldn’t drown in their cereal bowls. Owen didn’t in fact deserve to know about me if I knew he’d come around and treat me like an abomination.

With an early morning wakeup, I got myself ready before the break of dawn. I was the first to use the hot water in the shower this time and I kept my hair longer when I dried it, pulling it back into a messy bun; I looked fucking grunge like a young warlock probably should. I looked like I could fucking snap, and with a snap, I sat on Owen’s couch with my legs crossed, picking at my own fingernails in the dark.

“Wake up, Owen.”

Owen stirred, but he rolled over on his side instead.

I tried again, repeating, but my voice nearly vibrated through the room. He sat up quickly and pulled his blanket up over his sleep shirt. He was shocked to even see me at this time, but I had a newfound confidence since I accepted his knowledge.

“What do you want, Ezra? Why the hell are you in here?”

“Because Owen. Because I thought my best friend in the goddamn world, and that is the truth, would actually give me a fucking shot before he wrote me off as a nutcase, a freak, a fucking mutant. Have you ever read Harry Potter? Witches and wizards having babies with regular people? If they can get over enough to fuck and actually love each other, you can treat me like a normal person and actually be my friend again.”

Owen was shocked at my language; I never regularly spoke like this during the time we knew each other. Neither of us knew that I could have a dark side like this, but it was increasing. He opened his mouth to talk, but I held up my hand.

“I’m not finished. I know a secret that I have not yet judged you for. Owen, I know that you love me in a way that I do not feel for you, but since I’ve known, the thought hasn’t left me.”

I could feel the tension between the two of us in this moment. My hands were hot and they were getting hotter. Before I knew it, my skin began to glow red and my hands looked like they belonged to the Human Torch. That is when Owen looked most horrified. I stood in the middle of his bedroom with flaming fingers.

“What the fuck, Ezra?”

“Chill out, Owen. I’ve got this under control.” And with a quick wave, the fires were extinguished and I smirked at him, climbing up on his bed, straddling his . “I have realized that I have potential. I’ve realized that I am powerful, but what you need to realize, Owen, is that in my life, I would never harm you.” I leaned closer to his face and I could make out every freckle that dotted his skin, even in the darkness. I looked in his eyes and I could make out every emotion he was feeling.

“The thought crossed my mind to freeze your door, but I know you have to make it to classes today. The thought also crossed my mind to freeze the pipes in the bathroom. But why freeze? Because of the cold and frigid treatment that you have bestowed upon me. I like you, Owen. I know you love me. I’m not trying to use my abilities on you and I won’t anymore.” It took me a second to process. “I shouldn’t have told you that. Well, I’ve done a couple of things, but I won’t anymore. I won’t do anything except for leave you with these thoughts. I’ll be home for a couple of days; we need a little space for adjustment.”

I snapped my fingers and left behind a cloud of smoke in my place as I had reached my room.

The next day, I felt more liberated than I ever really had before even if I still hadn’t showed off to the whole world, just Owen and we were on the rocks, but he knew. Mason and Gavin were clueless to everything. They didn’t notice my changing appearance or any less, the fact that Owen and I didn’t spend any time in the same space. I was under the assumption he believed I would curse him, but I don’t know curses; I also promised I wouldn’t do anything to him.

I packed a bag of random clothes and textbooks and sent them home where I would follow as soon as possible. I knocked on Owen’s door to no answer. I tied my hair back again and a vase of various flowers appeared on the floor at my feet. And then, with a crack, I was gone. I had decided to tell my parents.

“Mom? Dad?”

No one should have been home, but the door to my bedroom was thrown open by my mother.

“Ezra? When did you get here? How did you get here? Why aren’t you at school?”

My mother wasn’t a paranoid, panicky woman, but when her son has no car and no plans to come home, she was right. She stared at me with wide, confused eyes, waiting for an answer.

“Where’s Dad?”

“He’s downstairs. He didn’t have to work today, but you haven’t actually answered my question, Ezra.”

I took Mom down to where my father was seated. The bewildered look on his face matched his the one on Mom’s and it was close to what Owen gave me. The discussion we had was nowhere near the caliber of my reveal to Owen, but there was shock. I moved furniture from space to space and with a quick wave, I lit the power outage candles that Mom kept on the shelf next to the television. I locked the doors and opened the window curtains. My skin turned purple and my eyes flashed a jade green. My parents did not react like Owen. The two of them embraced my differences with love; it was the only way that I wished Owen would be with me.



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