I’m frustrated

So, I’ve said it a few times here: I’m a college student. It’s finals week and tomorrow morning is my last exam for my fall semester of my senior year; congrats to me. But most college students are gonna come in contact with online classes and I’m gonna be honest. My online class this semester sucks. My professor has just today come around and been extremely rude to me as a students and I’m so pissed with her. Wouldn’t you think that as a college professor that you’re gonna treat your students with respect and try to help fix whatever problems they have if they come to you so kindly?

You don’t tell someone that you’re frustrated with them for trying to fix a problem with either your personal system or the computer. It could be both. But when I’m trying to actively fix my grade and have it reflect the work that I have actually done, you help out. Like, what is wrong with that? I’m so sorry that you decided to teach a class and not actually want to make sure that everything’s going well. Chill tf out, please. On the other hand, finals are going well.


finals and the holidays got me like

I mean, it isn’t technically finals week yet, tomorrow’s only Wednesday. I have a paper to turn in tomorrow night and I’ve gotta present my work to my class. No, I’ve got that and my professor keeps trying to teach even though Thursday is OUR LAST DAY. I just want Christmas. Please help me. All I’ve been doing is watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music and I’m wearing a goddamn Christmas sweater with Darth Vader and candy canes. I bought some kickass presents. Who’s down for watching Home Alone?

I’ve got a stupid take home essay due on Tuesday. I have THREE answering question exams. My final for my fiction class is me just handing in my portfolio and kicking ass with the funny shirt contest. I’m not excited. Please help me.

I wanna keep writing, but finals week. And once I get home, I’ve got work. I’ll make sure to keep it up! I’d say love you, but I don’t and that’s weird.