my hair is tied up, so it’s time to write

Well, if you’re actively reading this tale of possible romance, you’d probably notice that everything I’ve posted is kind of out of order. But I hope you enjoy this installment.

Owen knew. He knew and he avoided me because he probably knew that the things I could do could hurt him. I wasn’t going to though and for some reason, he didn’t understand that. I only decided to tell him because I fucking trusted him and thought that he could be open to learning the ultimate secret about me. I already knew his, but no, let’s all just fucking run away from Ezra because he’s different. He probably thinks that I’m inhuman, like I’m one of Professor Xavier’s fucking mutants. Owen didn’t tell Mason or Gavin anything because they still acted the same around me, borderline dickish and uneventful, but I didn’t care enough about them to discuss my personal life. Owen didn’t deserve to know if he’d come around treat me like this.

With an early morning wake up, I got myself ready before the break of dawn. I was the first to use the shared bathroom so I could actually get the things that I needed to done; I let my hair grow out and this time I kept it, pulling it back into a messy bun. I wiped my eyes and left black smears on my face. I looked fucking grunge. I looked like I could fucking snap. And with a snap of my fingers, I sat on Owen’s couch with my legs crossed, picking at my own nails in the dark.

“Wake up, Owen.”

Owen stirred, but he rolled over on his side instead. I tried again, repeating, but this time my voice vibrated through the air in the room. He sat up against his pillows and blinked his eyes rapidly as he felt for the lamp on the bed table.

“What are you doing in here?” There was panic in his voice and he didn’t take his eyes off of me. “My door was locked. God, is that something you can do? Can you do something like that?”

“I can. Do you want some coffee?”

I snapped and left a cloud of smoke on the couch, coming back only a few seconds later with a foam cup, steam rising from the lid.

“Sugar and plain cream, just how you like it.”

I let go of the cup and it gently floated to the bed table. He cringed as he watched the cup descend. He didn’t take a sip.

“Owen, I told you a secret about my life because I thought I trusted you with it. I thought that you’d think it was cool. Your best friend can do shit that regular people can’t. My parents don’t even know, Owen. I thought you’d wanna know more about it or ask me to do things for you. Did you know that I actually don’t do my dishes or my homework? I wave my hand and find something else I’d want to do more.”

“Have you done anything to me?”

“Only once.”

“What? Why? Why would you tell me?”

“Because you asked, dummy. Because you think it’ll make you feel better if you actually knew what’s all happened to you. If I really wanted to, I could completely and totally wipe your memory of all of this if I wanted to.” I was surprised that I kept my tone civil throughout our discussion.

“What else can you do?” Owen asked.

I rolled my eyes at him and with a flourish of my hand, I held fire in my palm. Before it grew unmanageable, I blew it out.

“Is that it?”

“Did you not hear me?” I asked him. “God, pay attention.”

I glanced at his window and the curtains burst open. His closet door opened and closed in a flurry of squeaking and creaking. His own hands were pulled away from his control he was flailing about trying to hold his arms down. He tried to keep his volume down since we were the only two awake in the apartment, but he couldn’t stop himself from crying out. With my own sigh, everything stopped moving.

“Ezra, please get out. I have to think about all of this. I need to think about everything you’ve just told me.”

I stood, but I didn’t move closer to the door. I stayed next to his sofa. I undid the tie in my hair and let my locks fall loose, shaggy and straight. I cleared my throat and said “Owen, you fell asleep once and you said that you loved me. I thought if you loved me, you’d love this part of me. And since I knew you loved me, I was starting to think that I loved you as well. You can’t pick and choose, even if new information comes to light. Get back to me when you make up your mind.”

With a twist and a snap, I was gone, leaving no clouds behind this time, even if I would try to scare him into accepting me for who I was. I didn’t care to be in my room or even the apartment anymore. I thought of mountains I had seen in photos, covered in snow and devoid of people; I ended up on the peak of one whose name I did not know and I screamed.



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I'm a student. I'm a cashier. I'm a writer. I'm a rambler.

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