Today’s a pretty big day for a lot of people

October 11, 2016 has probably flooded your Facebook and Twitter timelines with posts of your friends coming out and sharing their stories of how their lives changed after they did so. CoverGirl even announced their first CoverBoy. I’m not here to broadcast my entire life on my blog, but I’m here to talk.

There’s a reason I’m in the Spectrum group here at CMU. They are the group to promote tolerance of many issues including sexual orientation and they educate this campus on the LGBTQ+ community here and I’ve been to every meeting this semester; I even applied to be the Public Relations Chair. I’m going to get myself a photo of me and the rainbow door they bring to campus because this is Coming Out Week, but here, October has become Coming Out Month.

Let’s start this off like an AA meeting: Hi, I’m Chance and I’m asexual. I’m asexual and I’m basically panromantic or biromantic because I haven’t entirely decided. Being asexual isn’t anything special. I don’t feel sexually attracted to people. I’m not big on the physical act of doing the do. Why panromantic? Why biromantic? Because I don’t exactly care who I love; it could be anyone. I just don’t feel like any of it’s necessary and I’m fine with it. I still haven’t decided if I want children in the future, but I’ve also said that I want a genetically engineered son.

I’m open with things. I’m fine with it. One of my favorite shows is Rupaul’s Drag Race if you haven’t seen my blog post about it. Half of my Amazon list is filled with songs by drag queens. I’m not gay, but I’m sensitive, a little flamboyant. I’m no different than when I was before you knew this about me. But thank you for reading if you read it. Signing off and bye-bye.


Author: chancet1014

I'm a student. I'm a cashier. I'm a writer. I'm a rambler.

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