i’m writing this saga of a magical, possibly non-heterosexual guy

Ezra pondered whether or not he would pursue Owen although he did not authentically feel the same way as his friend. It wouldn’t be fair to either of them if he did without truly knowing. If he were like the magically-able on TV, he’d put his energy and faith into a deck of worn out tarot cards and a crystal ball; instead, Ezra had a Magic Eight Ball he’d shake until he got a suitable answer. Owen never brought up the matter at hand, mainly because he did not know that he had revealed any such information. Ezra never let him know that Owen professed a declaration of love for him in a magic-induced slumber. The two of them still lived in peace with Mason and Gavin, hoping things would remain in a state of normal. He rubbed his eyes and rolled out of his bed, deciding to wash his face.

“Ezra, we’re making breakfast if you wanna join,” Owen said, popping his head into the bathroom. He waited for Ezra to surface from the lake he had created in the sink.

It was the weekend. No classes since Thursday, his homework was doing itself when he willed it, and Ezra was ready to spend the day in bed with a few mugs of coffee and a movie marathon. They started every weekend together with an actual prepared breakfast instead of Eggos and Toaster Strudel. Ezra would eat more than he actually like to because Owen was such a good cook.

“Thanks for letting me know, Owen.” Ezra felt a tinge of anxiety and sadness as he looked at his best friend.

Owen disappeared and Ezra was momentarily happy. He joined his roommates for breakfast and he returned to his room. He made his coffee with his personal pot and when he forgot about it, he’d heat it back up just by touching the mug. He bundled up under his comforters and he stared at the TV on the dresser as his DVDs switched themselves out and everything just was. Ezra wasn’t sure if he could really go a day without using his powers, but the time would tell.

“Hey, whatcha doing?”

Ezra pulled himself away from his movie to see Owen in the doorway. He held two textbooks and some notebook and he’d twisted a pencil in his short hair as well as he could. He wore fleece pajama bottoms dotted with snowflakes.

“I’m letting you in,” Ezra said, patting the mattress with an open hand. Owen graciously accepted the invitation and made it a point to sit on top of the bedspread, keeping a minimal distance from Ezra. Ezra, in turn, kept his eyes on the TV screen and tried not to think of the harm that he was doing, just being here. They sat in silence together, watching hours worth of movies.


Author: chancet1014

I'm a student. I'm a cashier. I'm a writer. I'm a rambler.

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