he took a walk on the wild side

Ezra felt like he could take a walk on the wild side, in a manner of speaking, and actually try to learn something new. He had done his midnight ride, but there had to be other things he could do. How else would he travel? Was he gonna jump on a broom in broad daylight and park it on the bike racks? Things he had seen called for intergalactic modes of getting from point A to point B, general teleportation. He wanted to think of one place and be there. The others had gone home from the weekend, leaving Ezra home alone although Owen would constantly send him text messages and ask about his general well-being even if he’d come back on Sunday morning.

After a breakfast of microwave pancakes, Ezra sat cross-legged on the couch in the living room with the curtains closed. He had adopted a sort of meditative pose as he tried to learn new things and everything seemed to move smoother for him. He learned quicker this way although having a proper spellbook would accelerate the process. But this was the real world even if he were unreal.

Ezra squeezed his eyes shut tighter than what was comfortable. He curled his fingers inward toward his palm and took deep breaths. He focused on the seat next to him, hoping something simple wouldn’t take so much out of him. He could make stationary items move, create fire in his hands, and change people’s thoughts; it should not have been hard for him to teleport himself five inches to the right. But after a moment of focusing, he felt fuzzy and incomplete. To his own mistake, he realized that he was holding his breath by mistake, focusing too hard on the matter at hand.

Ezra sank back into his focus and tried again. He felt the same as he had before, but he took a breath in and let it back out. He pressed harder into his own hands and added a low hum to his stance. He felt like the embodiment of a static TV screen. The fuzziness didn’t go away and Ezra knew why. He was in the process; his body was currently moving from one place to another. It was like the Willy Wonka movie and his body was the candy that was being broken up and sent through the air. With another motivational push, Ezra opened his eyes and saw that his view had shifted. He had moved. Ezra had actually teleported from one spot to another, even if it was just from one couch cushion to the next.

Next, he tried from the couch to Owen’s armchair; he was successful. The armchair to a kitchen chair was successful. He stood and went from the kitchen chair to his bathroom. From his bathroom, he went to the stairwell of his apartment building and finally to a building he had class in, the motion sensors turning the lights on. He was just like Nightcrawler of the X-Men, and with his abilities, he could even add a puff of smoke to his entrance.

In a moment of whim and impluse, Ezra left the building and ended up in his bedroom at home; it wasn’t his apartment bedroom, but his room in his family home. Ezra thought of his apartment and that’s where he went. If there was something to be said, it was that he was determined.


Author: chancet1014

I'm a student. I'm a cashier. I'm a writer. I'm a rambler.

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