The Waterworks

Today, I cried at a Bill Murray movie. Together Bill and Melissa McCarthy worked against my emotions in 2014’s St. Vincent, making me feel sad beyond all belief instead of making me laugh my ass off. Imagine it; Melissa McCarthy who had once been nominated for her role in Bridesmaids screaming about how her food poisoning had caused her diarrhea to run out of her like lava and Bill Murray who’d screamed “We came, we saw, and we kicked its ass!” after vacuuming up Slimer in his proton pack. They made me cry with a film about an elderly man with a heart of gold, a saint. Watch the movie. And buy it for me on Blu-Ray. But that’s not entirely my point.

I don’t think showing emotion like this is stupid like most people would. Nope. Seriously, if I told anyone that I’d cried at this movie, they’d probably call me a pussy or a try to make me feel any less that who I really am right now. It’s “inaccessible masculine interiority” and it’s a serious disease causing some gentlemen to not realize that they have feelings and so do other people. I cry at movies and I’ve written about it in poems before.

Alright, imagine someone clearing their throat. I’ve cried at Hercules when he gives up his godhood and immortality for Meg. Beauty and the Beast when you’ve seen the regular theatrical cut for years and then you watch the special edition with added scenes and Beast can’t read. The Iron Giant at the very end where Vin Diesel shoots himself into the sky to intercept the nuke. Who doesn’t cry at the goddamn Lion King. I realize that a lot of these are animated Disney movies. Prayers for Bobby because how can you stay emotionless when Sigourney Weaver begs the city and religious leaders to hear these cries of help from LGBT kids of the eighties. I even cried at the season five finale of Supernatural when Sam fell into Hell. I also cried multiple times in a class in my freshman year while reading a fanfiction called Twist and Shout; I also cried when I read it to get me to sleep. And guess who doesn’t have a problem letting people know that they’re almost reduced to a sobbing mess when these movies are over. Deal with it.


Author: chancet1014

I'm a student. I'm a cashier. I'm a writer. I'm a rambler.

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