Summer days for days

The calendar says April, but the weather and my outfits and the Harley Quinn sunglasses on my face say summer. Technically, we’re finally in SPRING, but it feels like summer. I usually hate summer, but the sun lightens my hair and my three dollar sunglasses make me feel great about myself even if I’m almost like, certifiably blind; oh well, I can see cars and shit like that so I think I’ve got that down.

But the cool thing about summer months and college is that there is so much to do outside without paying for anything, unless you really want to drop some cash. This past weekend, my lovely best friend came over to my room (because I’ve been all by myself for a week) and we went to a spring football game. Now, I’ve been to… *counting on fingers here* three actual football games in my entire college career and it’s free for me. If you know me, I’m not really sporty whatsoever, so that’s probably why. You know what a spring football game is? It’s practice for the team and I just really enjoyed watching teammates pile on top of each other to better themselves. “Did you really have to go that hard?” “It’s just practice, bruh.” Like, okay. I’m taking the ball and running this way to get away from you; I’ve seen how you play against actual teams and I don’t wanna die.

Mount Pleasant is full of small businesses along with all the huge chain stores; I mean we have a Target, Walmart, Meijer, and even a Kmart. So, we went to a home-grown malt shop, the Malt Shop. As original as The Bar in Gone Girl. Birthday cake milkshakes are great.

But even with summer coming, you can still chill inside with the windows open and fans blowing. We watched an entire season on Archer, even with walking this town and watching a two-hour football game. There was Crimson Peak and Subway. Mmmm, Subway is so great.

What’s the point? There’s really no point except for taking a break and soaking in the sun as cliched as that sounds. I’ve got all this work to do and he’s got all this work to do and we decided to take a break and escape our lives for just a day. That night, after he left, I worked on homework until nearly two in the morning. Oh well.




Author: chancet1014

I'm a student. I'm a cashier. I'm a writer. I'm a rambler.

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