Home is where the responsibility isn’t

College students go to college to get away from home. I love being here and not at home; it’s started some minor arguments with my mother throughout my college career. She’s gotten over it and I’m over it, so we’re all good.

I go home when I feel like I need to. It’s a recharge from the stress that I put up with here. I don’t have to pay for laundry. Home-cooked food that I don’t have to use a meal pass for. A room to myself. And since I don’t work when I come home for weekends, my brother’s in school and my parents are at work, so I’ve got a 4K TV to sit and watch for hours on end. I watched the majority of Grace and Frankie on Saturday. And Ant-Man. It’s not like I don’t binge on Netflix when I’m just hanging out in my dorm, but when I do it at home, it just feels right.

I mean, yeah, I can’t sleep in my bed without doing yoga in the morning and I have to share a bathroom with three other people, just like I did in my freshman year, and when I get hungry I can’t go downstairs and get a bag of chips to snack on, but I have to forage for something to much from the cupboard in my house; it’s dismal sometimes when your family is out and about most of the week and no one eats in the house.

But when you go home, your parents are there to chat with you about everything and anything that you want to talk about. When I got home for my Easter weekend, my dad and I had the coolest heart-to-heart shooting at paper zombies with airsoft guns and smoking a ham. Mom’s always around, but my dad works weekends and that’s most of the time that I’m home, so when he’s around it’s great.

So, boo. I’m a twenty year old guy who enjoys going home when I want to. Home can be great when you’re not always at home. Go home every once in a while and just chill and relax. It’s a great feeling knowing that I don’t have to set an alarm and I don’t have a bedtime anymore. Also, I miss having dogs and cats around, so that’s a plus.


Author: chancet1014

I'm a student. I'm a cashier. I'm a writer. I'm a rambler.

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