The first day of the rest of my blogging life (and maybe my whole life):

Welcome! If you’re here, you’re probably: friends, family, perfect strangers, or imperfect strangers (but I’m not judging you on that aspect).

It has been recommended of me, based on my interests, to start a blog that I update somewhat regularly where I talk about whatever I want and whenever I feel the need to. But, I guess that’s what a blog is. It’s like an online journal, right? And with the app, I can probably do this all the time. And with my level of lazy, that could happen.

We could say that I’m an eccentric. That I have a hard time making new connections that actually last. I’m always nervous about first impressions and making sure that I’m doing everything right to keep things moving smoothly. Eccentricity doesn’t help in making and keeping friends. But, with some of these, I know it’s a two-way street and I apologize that things change. But some things changed lately and I don’t understand what’s going on and why.

Wow. That’s enough about that. Depressing.

Why did I feel the need to write about this today? Because I’m alone, not lonely, but alone. And this could be the prelude to the rest of my 2016. And that sucks. Because I haven’t done anything except for being the best person I know I could be.

Thanks for coming for my first post. I do promise that I won’t be as much of a bummer as I’m being now.